Ekushey Project Manager CRM


How to perform a fresh install of the application?

How to create a new MySQL database and MySQL database user from server Cpanel?

For saving the data you insert, it will need a MySQL database which has been already created.

Here is a tutorial for How to create and maintain MySQL database in server cPanel if you are not already familiar with the process.

The general steps of creating a database along with a database user are 

  1. Log in to your cPanel and find the link for entering MySQL databases
  2. Create a new database providing the necessary information
  3. Once the database is created, set up an user for the database
  4. Connect the user to the database you just created
  5. Provide 'All Privileges' permission to the user.

If you face further issues, please contact Creativeitem Support Centre .

How to find the correct 'hostname' for a particular server?

Except for GoDaddy servers, the others use 'localhost' for the hostname as long as it is not changed. For finding the hostname for GoDaddy server databases you need to see the database details.

How to use the application locally for test purposes?

You can install the application locally in your computer for test purposes before finally uploading it to the server. For local installation you need to have a virtual server running on your computer. You can use XAMPP/WAMP or any other virtual server applications as local servers.

The installation procedure is quite simple and same as installing it to online server. Here's a tutorial for installing the app in local server.

What to do if the application fails to upload in the server?

The application will fail upload in your server if the folder in which you are uploading the app has not read/write permission. So before uploading make sure that the folder has the appropriate permission for upload. Even if the application fails to upload, contact Creativeitem Support immediately. Our support team will solve the issues you are facing within 24 hours except weekends.

Can I integrate other cloud services like Google Drive beside Dropbox?

Yes, you can integrate other cloud services side by side Dropbox for keeping your project files. But in that case the cloud service API will need to be integrated and the app will need to be customized. You can hire a good PHP developer for this work or can contact Creativeitem Support for assistance.

Can I integrate my regional payment gateway instead of PayPal and Stripe?

Yes, you can integrate your regional payment service instead of PayPal/Stripe as long as that payment service provide PHP API for their payment gateway. That payment API will need to be integrated afterwards and the application will need customizations. For the integration development you can always contact Creativeitem Support.

Can I add SMS sending functionality to the application?

Yes, you can add SMS sending functionality for particular events. The SMS service that you are willing to integrate in the application will need to have a valid PHP API for a successful integration. You can always contact Creativeitem Support for integration assistance.

What can I do if I need extra features for my company?

It is obvious that you might need features or modifications that are exclusive for your company. If you need modifications, send Creativeitem Support a doc or pdf with all your requirements in detail. Our developer team will go through your requirements and will keep in touch with you.

How to set up Dropbox in the application?

How to enable Stripe payment?

If you want to enable Stripe payment in the application, you need to have a Stripe account in the first place. For activating Stripe payment method, you need to have two keys. One is 'secret key' and the another one is 'publishable key'. For taking live payments you will also need to activate the account providing necessary information of yours/ your company.

First log in to your stripe account which will redirect you top the stripe dashboard. Let's say you need a separate account for this company.

Once you hit the create account button you will be redirected to its dashboard. Go to the top right corner with the account name and from the dropdown go to 'Account Settings'

After that you will get a pop up with some horizontal top menus. Select API Keys. You will get two sets of keys, one for test and another for live.

Copy the live keys and paste to payment settings of the project manager application.

The setup is completed and live.

How to make the application to support RTL based languages?

One of the major features of this application is that it supports 15+ languages along with RTL. To enable RTL based languages like Arabic you will need to select the language and then change the text align from LTR to RTL from system settings of the application. Once these are changed from the dropdowns, hit the save button and you are ready to go.

How to take project payment from clients?

How to keep track of project payments and transactions?

How to specify permissions for specific staff?

How to instantly send messages to clients via different social network platforms?

How to communicate with the users internally within the application?

Can I change the application name to match my branding?

Yes, you can change the application name or title to match your branding. Moreover, you can also upload your own logo in the application.

For changing the application title, you must be logged in as an admin. Then under the Settings menu of the left navigation panel, you will find a sub-menu named as System Settings. On this page you will find the parameters that you can change according to your need.

Can I change the copyright text at the footer of the application?

Yes, you can change the copyright footer. But there is no settings within the application to change the footer. However, the footer can be changed directly from the file 'footer.php' which can be found at the directory application/views/backend/footer.php of the main application.

Can I change the source code according to my need?

Yes, you can change the source code according to your need. When you purchase the application directly from Codecanyon, you get the complete application with the source code. Moreover, the source code is not encrypted. So you can edit the source code as you like.

Can I resell the application?

No, you can not resell the application. It is against Envato privacy policy. You can modify the application according to your need but a white label of the application is not permitted.

How can I get a refund?

You can ask for a refund from Envato Support Centre by mentioning your cause. Once it is primarily approved by Envato support, the refund request comes to the author for final approval. The author can either permit or reject the refund. If the item for which you are asking a refund is not downloaded and it is not functioning as it is described in the product page or our website, author will permit the refund.

What is the difference between a regular licence and an extended licence?

To get the complete details of the licenses, visit Licenses. For further queries, contact Creativeitem Support.

What are the server requirements to run the application perfectly?

The basic server requirements to run the application perfectly are -

  • Apache Web Server
  • PHP 5.3 or higher
  • MySQL 5.0 or higher

We recommend to use GoDaddy or Hostgator web service to avoid any issues.

What is the purpose of the application?

The application is developed analysing the difficulties that small to large companies face while communicating with the team or handling a client project. The main purpose of the application is to provide the users an ease for connecting, collaborating and finalising a project either for the company or for a client.

Can the application be used to collaborate a team?

Yes, the application can be used to collaborate a team. It is also possible to set access permissions to team members.

Can the application be used without entering any client?

Yes, the application can be used without entering any client. But in that case the application will only perform as a team manager, not entirely as CRM.

Where can I get a complete documentation of the application?

For getting a complete and elaborative documentation of the application, see the Ekushey Project Manager Documentation page. For any sort of detailed queries feel free to contact Creativeitem Support.