Ekushey Project Manager CRM

Key Features

Manage Clients

Effectively manage clients as well as approve or discard client requests through “Ekushey Project Manager CRM”

Manage Companies

Easy to manage companies. Add new company as well as associate personnel to its client list

Manage Team Members

Internally manage team members efficiently with this app. Create, edit, delete its team member’s information

Custom Staff Permissions

Assign and manage permission for internal team members. On the basis of permission set by admin, the staff will obtain only the permitted module of the project to work on

Manage Client Projects

The app makes it more efficient to manage its clients. Project progress bar, creating and archiving a project is now more than easy to perform with this elegant software

Manage Project Quotes

Receive project quotation via message from its clients. Reply and negotiate with its messaging app smoothly and efficiently

Manage Team Tasks

Internally assign and manage tasks to team members. Save notes, assign staffs and upload necessary files for the project

Event Calendar

Using event calendar, effectively track events. Add data and description of event as well as add color to denote the significance level

Private Messaging

Send private messages to clients as well as staff members in the team

Personal Notes

Gather all your ideas at a place. Take personal notes to say bye to remembering

Dropbox Integration

File sharing made easy, efficient and feasible with dropbox integration service for sharing files amongst the clients and staffs

Sidebar To-do List

A sidebar with a to-do list that lists the to-do item with preference level. The tasks can be marked complete and given preference level for smarter visualization

Sidebar Calculator

A calculator on the sidebar which is able to perform simple mathematical calculation

Manage Expenses

Manage expenses of staffs as well as project expenses and generate the expense file

Client Payment

Manage client payment and email invoice to its clients through this system

Expense Category

Manage specific area of expense. Add a description and a title to the specific expense category

Project Reports

Aesthetic charts and diagrams that depicts project income on the basis of specified dates

Client reports

Sleek designed elegant charts and diagrams that depicts client payment statistics

Expense Report

Reports can be generated that calculates the expense for a project. Various charts and diagrams are integrated for better visualization

Income Expense Comparison

Reports can be engendered that calculates the income vs expense for a project. Various charts and diagrams are integrated for better visualization of cost-benefit analysis for a certain project

Email Templates

Different editable email templates to use for different processes in project management

Multi Language Support

15+ languages including English, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Hebrew are supported in this project manager

Emailing Invoice

Email invoice to clients using the automatic email invoice system

Client Support Tickets

Manage and support the tickets provided by its employees

Multiple Admins

“Ekushey Project manager CRM” supports the creation and managing of multiple admins

Multiple System Currency

The App supports 17+ different currency exchange

Paypal payment

Payment gateway system Paypal is integrated for effective transaction in project management

Stripe payment

Payment can be provided and received through Stripe key

Manual Payment

Client can manually pay for the project and it can be updated in the database

Payment Milestones

A project is divided to several milestones. Payment criteria is supported on the basis of specific milestone completion

Universal Search

A Universal query search engine dedicated to generate any query by the manager

RTL support

This app has Right-To-Left and Left-To-Right support in language category on the basis of usage of different languages

Codeigniter 3.0

With Codeigniter 3.0 framework the “Ekushey Project manager CRM” is now more secure and elegant with stylish outlook yet simple to handle

Lifetime Free Updates

Receive lifetime of free updates . Stay tuned for exciting, useful and amazing new updates.