Ekushey Project Manager CRM


Read the documentation carefully before using the software.

Clients are the most important part of this tool. The main purpose of this software is to feasibly manage the clients be it in form of single entity or as a company. There is a separate dedicated client panel apart from an administration panel. Client panel can easily provide and discuss project quotation, oversee project progress, manage tickets, invoices, contracts and add special notes. Login to dashboard click Clients and on the bottom side there are two buttons Person and Company.


You can approve/delete client’s registration from “pending clients” to register. Clients will be able to register at your base URL where Ekushey Project Manager CRM is installed eq. yourdomain.com/crm/

You can view and edit client’s profile, projects, payments as well as can communicate with him from “Clients” tab of “Person” sub-section under “Client” section.  You can add new client from “Add New Client” section. 


You can view, add and edit company profile and associate a representative from the respective company from “Company” section.  

The internal organizational structure of the company in this project manager CRM is divided in-to two sub-categories. One being “Admin” and the other being “Staffs”.


The Admin will be able to add multiple admins by clicking on “Add New Admin” button. The Admin’s can also be viewed and deleted from “Action” menu. However, an “Owner” can’t be deleted as he is a super-user. 

Staff Management

From the “Staff” section click on “Add New Staff” button to add and edit new staff. The staffs can be further edited from “Action” menu bar.

Staff Permissions

The account roles can be managed from “Permissions” section. For adding new role with set permissions, click on “Add New Account Role”. For editing and setting user and role specific permissions from the “Actions” menu bar.


This software focuses and emphasizes on core aspect of project management. It enables 360-degree solution in managing projects.

Client Project

All of the information’s related to projects are listed under “Client Project” section.  The Client Project section has three associated tabs named “Project List”, “Create Project” and “Project Quote”. 

Upon Clicking on “Project List” will take the user to a page that reads “Manage Projects” with two tabs “Running” and “Archived” . The completed projects are marked as “Archived”.

All the running projects are listed under “Running” tab. The progress of the project can be visualized from this tool. Under the “Options” table, there are visualized button that can be used to “Delete”, “Archive” a project.  Clicking on “Project Room” will take the user to interactive “Project Room” of the project.

The “Project Room” is interactively designed on the basis of Permissions set for various stakeholders and staffs of the project. The information of “Client” and “Assigned Staff” can be visualized and edited on the right corner of Project room.  On the basis of permissions set, various responsive tabs including “Wall”, “tasks”, “Bugs”, “payment” and “expense” can be managed from the left corner. In the mid, there is an interactive message box. Text can be added in the form with attachment and upon clicking “Post Message” ,  the message will be circulated to all the members related to the projects and will be visualized in Project discussion section. 

Projects can be created from “Create Project” section by filling up the required information.  The client will be able to perform “Quotation Management” tasks from “Project Quote” section.

Upon Clicking “View Quote” From “Action” menu, Project Quote will be shown.

Clicking on Project Room will redirect to specific project-rooms that are in progress by different teams. The Left hand bar changes with the permission that is being set by Admin.

Internal team building and R&D are pertinent for the growth and scaling up of any business. Keeping that in mind we have designed a dedicated internal team task manager for skyrocketed growth of business.

 Adding and Managing Team Task 

In “Team Task” section, New tasks for the team can be created by clicking on “Add a New Team Task”.  Internal team staffs can be assigned and the progress can be monitored from this form. After the successful completion of the task, the tasks can be archived from the “Archived Tasks” section. 

Keeping track of time is very important in project management. Keeping this in mind, the software allows the user to set events on the basis of time-span. Important Events can be added, edited, tracked and being reminded by clicking on the “Day” on which the event is intended to set. Then after successfully filling up the required information, the event is all set to help you with daily activities.

The software makes it easy to send private messages to all the stakeholders for the smooth functioning of the project works. 

By clicking on “message” section, and clicking “New Message” button this action can be performed.

Alternatively, the user’s to whom the message is intended to be sent are selected and message is sent by clicking on “Send” button. The earlier conversations can also be viewed in this section.

The app enables to create, edit and delete note for the personal convenience in project management. 

The “Note” menu redirects to a page to create notes. For creating personal notes, click on “Create Note” button situated at the upper-right corner of the window, to save the note, click on the “Save Note” button and for deleting a specific note click on “Delete note”. 

Accounting and finance management is one of the basic and important aspect of project management. We have covered all the financial aspects of project management under “Accounting” section.

Managing Client Payments

The payments that are given by clients for the milestones completed for each project are listed in this category. Under Accounting section, click on “Client Payment” sub-section to visualize the listed client payments as well as to print the invoice of the payment click on “invoice” on the right most of every listing.

Managing Company Expense

The expense is managed under two different sub-section, “Expense Management” and “Expense Category”. New expenses can be added by clicking on “Add Expense” button under “Expense Management” sub-section. The expense can be edited or deleted from “Action” tab listed at right for every expense listing. Under “expense category” sub-section, New category of expenses can be added under “Add Expense Category” button. Similar to Expense management, the categories can also be edited under “Action” tab.

Add Expense Category by clicking Accounting > Expense Category>Add Expense Category

Edit/Delete Expense Category by clicking Accounting > Expense Category>Action

Report helps to visualize the progress of the project and its effect on financial aspects as well as overall development of R&D.  

Project report

The “Project Report” shows the listing of income for projects listed under specific time-span. The time-span can be selected by clicking on “Time-bar” beside “Search” icon to search for income. It shows the income bar and income percentage for the better visualization of the project.

Client report

The “Client Report” shows the payment report provided by the clients under specific time-span. Upon selecting the specific time-span and clicking “search” it shows the payment bar and percentage which provides the better visualization of the project.

Expense report 

The “Expense Report” shows the listing of expense for projects listed under specific time-span. The time-span can be selected by clicking on “Time-bar” beside “Search” icon to search for expenses encountered in the project. It shows the expense bar and expense percentage.

Income Vs Expense

The “Income Expense Comparison” situated under “Report” Section gives a proper visualization of Total income vs Total expense encountered in projects for specific time-span.

Client management is plays an important role as support and customer relationship manages largely leans and relies upon customer support.

Managing Support Tickets 

Under “Client Support” section, the “Ticket List” lists all the tickets given by the clients. The “Action” bar can “Update ticket status” and “assigned staff”. Also, under Create Ticket section, new tickets can be created and can be given “priority” based on its priority level and can be solved through dedicated messaging app.

For Viewing Existing Tickets: Client Support > Ticket List > Opened > Action > View Ticket

For Adding New Tickets: Client Support > Create Ticket

System Settings 

Under “System Settings” section, The “System Name”, “System Title”, “Address”, “Phone”, “System Email”, “Language” , “Text Align” and “Logo” can be updated. Also, The Theme of Dashboard can be modified from selected themes at the right hand corner of “System Settings”.

Language Settings 

The software supports multiple languages along with RTL (Right-to-Left) and LTR(Left-to-Right)  support. For selecting a language which can be availed from “System Settings”. “Language Settings” lists all the available languages and allows addition of new phrase and new languages with its “Add Phrase” and “Add Language” tab.

Payment Settings 

The app supports multiple system currency. To proceed with payment, the app supports payment via PayPal, stripe and manual payment.  Using “Payment Settings”, the PayPal account and Stripe can be set up and saved to proceed with business transactions.

Email Settings 

Under the “Email Settings” section, the email templates can be modified and saved by clicking “Save Template” as per the requirement. However, the variable names can’t be modified only the texts surrounding the “variables” can be modified.

SMTP Settings 

The application gives the feasibility to everyone to use customized webs server for sending or receiving email.

Change Info

The profile information can be edited by clicking the top first-right icon when hovered over reads “ account”. The information can be edited and saved using this “edit Profile” listed under “account”

Resetting Password

Password can also be reset by clicking “Change Password” listed under “account” icon.

Log Out 

By clicking “Log Out” listed under “account” icon, one can successfully log out from this application. 

Fill Up the Form to Change the information and to change the password.

Interactive Sidebar

At the right corner there is an interactive sidebar that enables the user to perform mathematical calculations and save event list with a priority queue.